Visa Credit Card Reissue 2017


Important Details about your new Visa Credit Card

We have completed the reissue of all new Visa Credit Cards to our members. You should now have your new card and activation is required. This can easily be done from any phone and once activated, please destroy your old card.

If you have not received your new card, please call us immediately at 407-855-5452 or toll free at 1- 888-584-7701 so we may assist you.

Important information: New Visa Credit Cards
  • If you have not activated your new card please do it now.
  • You may activate your new card from any phone.
  • Your old card will be deactivated on July 14th and will no longer work


  • Update bill payments with your new Visa Credit Card number
  • Destroy your old Visa Credit Card
  • Register your card at GoToMyCard site to view account summaries, recent activity and statements. Make payments, file disputes and update your account information. To register your card, visit our home page at and click on the red GotoMyCard button located at the top right of the page.
  • If you have a Rewards Credit Card, register your card at to view your point balance and redeem reward points.

Important information: New Credit Card Payment Remittance Address

Please note that the remittance address for your credit card payment has changed to:
PO BOX 672051
DALLAS, TX 75267-2021
Please be reminded also that you will need to update the address in your Bill Payment account, e-Bill or with your auto payment services. Payments made to the old address will result in delays crediting your account with the payment. 

If you have any questions, please call us at 407-855-5452 or toll free at 1- 888-584-7701 so we may assist you.


McCoy Federal Card Services Team