Consumer Loan Rates

Type of Loan
Rate (listed as annual percentage rates)
NEW Auto as low as 3.25%*
USED Auto as low as 3.75%*
NEW Motorcycle as low as 4.25%*
USED Motorcycle as low as 4.75%*
RVs, Travel Trailers - NEW as low as 7.50%
RVs, Travel Trailers - USED as low as 8.25%
Boats - NEW as low as 6.75%
Boats - USED as low as 7.50%
Line of Credit as low as 10.50%
UCC-1 (Household Items) as low as 12.50%
Other Secured as low as 11.00%
Unsecured 12 months as low as 8.50%
Unsecured 24 months as low as 9.50%
Unsecured over 24 months as low as 11.50%
Share Secured as low as 4.25%
Share Certificate as low as 4.25%
* Disclosed APR for well qualified borrowers and a term of up to 60 months. Terms longer than 60 months will have higher APRs. Your actual APR will depend on your term and your creditworthiness.
All rates are shown as Annual Percentage Rates, and are subject to change without notice.