Decorating Your Dorm on a Budget

Decorating Your Dorm on a Budget

Chic..not Cheap College dorm rooms can be quite drab, but who’s got the time or the money to do any serious decorating, especially when there are college books to buy? Plus, school regulations can make anything that’s fun and creative an impossibility. No worries; a beautiful, personalized and warm dorm room is within reach—and within budget that both parents and kids will like. Try these creative and inexpensive suggestions: 1. Layer inexpensive rugs Rugs make any space look homey, but they can cost a pretty penny. Dress up the floors by layering smaller, cheaper rugs until you’ve covered all the bare space you need. Create a funky pattern using different colors and textures and use the fluffiest rugs for bare-feet areas, such as near your bed. You’ll spruce ...

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