5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Savings

5 Tips to Jump-Start Your Savings

Friday, January 21, 2022

It’s human nature. We’re all wired to meet our immediate wants. This could mean indulging in a favorite treat, spending hours scrolling social media, or making an impulse purchase. Unplanned expenses or emergencies are other common life events. A car or house repair, or even a weather-related emergency, can make a dent in our budget. People looking to build a successful savings habit often run up against these very human challenges. To help manage these realities, here are five tips we suggest for jump-starting your savings. 1. Build Your Budget To set yourself up for savings success, build a simple budget. Think of it as a road map that shows exactly where you are in terms of monthly income and expenses. You can see what money is available to save each month and if you’r...

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