Important Member Notice - MyMcCoy Mobile


Security Update to MyMcCoy Mobile March 26, 2017

MyMcCoy Mobile will have a security update on March 26, 2017. The new security update strengthens the security connection, ensures the app is secure, encrypted and safe from malicious attacks. Members who do not have a compatible OS version will get a connection error when attempting to access the MyMcCoy Mobile on or after March 26, 2017. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your mobile devices to the latest versions offered by Android and Apple before the security upgrade. The minimum OS versions that can access MyMcCoy Mobile after the update are:

Android KitKat ver 4.4 released October 2013 or newer

(Android current version Nougat 7)

Apple iOS 8 released September 2014 or newer 

(Apple current version iOS 10)