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New myMcCoy Online & Mobile is LIVE!

new myMcCoy
We published the Android app as a new app but the old apps may still be visible to you on Google Play. Here is the correct page for the new app.Please delete the old app from your mobile device before installing the new one.

How will the conversion process work?

  • The old system will be shutdown April 22 prior to the launch of the new system - you will be able to access the new system on or after April 23, 2018 at approximately 10 AM.
  • Everyone will need to go through a simple enrollment process to access the new system. For a complete step-by-step enrollment guide, CLICK HERE.
  • We have increased our Call Center staffing for the conversion, but you should still expect higher than normal call volume and wait times.
  • For Apple iOS - the new myMcCoy app will be published as an update. You will need to update your existing myMcCoy app and the new system will be accessible.
  • For Android - the new myMcCoy app will be published as a new app. You will need to delete your old app and download and install the new myMcCoy app from the Android store. The old apps may still be visible to you on Google Play, CLICK HERE for the NEW app.

I'm a Bill Pay user. What do I need to do for the conversion?


The new myMcCoy will bring some big changes! What you need to know about the new system:

  • The new system is member-based instead of account-based. This means you're able to see every account you're connected to from one profile! Every member will use one Login ID to access every McCoy Federal account tied to their social security number. No more multiple Login IDs to keep up with!
  • The new system is a single platform across online banking and the mobile app! This means you have the same look and functionality both online and via the app. No more device-specific restrictions (excluding Mobile Check Deposit which is only available via mobile devices)! 
  • Since it's a single platform, you'll now use the same Login ID and Password in both online banking and the mobile app.
  • No more security questions! The new system uses Secure Access Codes to verify your identity. This is why it's crucial your contact information on file with myMcCoy is accurate, to ensure proper Secure Access Code delivery.


Why did you change the system?

You asked, we listened. Boy did you ask! We heard words like "dinosaur", "antiquated", and more from members for quite some time. We heard you loud and clear - our online banking system needed to be updated and drastically improved. We are here to serve you, our Members, and want you to have the best self-service banking experience possible.

The new system has an enhanced user interface and great new features. We really think you'll like how the system has the same look and feel regardless of the device you are using. Some other new features include free Savvy Money Credit Ratings (new for mobile), new Bill Pay, enhanced Person 2 Person transfers, Text Banking, Real Time Contact Information Updates, and more.



Will I receive the online alerts I set up in the old system?

Preexisting online alerts will not be transferred to the new online and mobile banking system and you'll need to set alerts in the new system. To set alerts, select Settings/Alerts on the left navigation menu. You will be able to select alerts triggered by Date, Account, History, Online Transaction and Security.


Is Toni-The-Teller changing?

No. Toni-The-Teller remains unchanged and operates with the same prompts as before.


What is a Secure Access Code?

A Secure Access Code (SAC) is a security feature that allows you to register the computer you are using for "one-time" or "future" use.


Why do I need a Secure Access Code?

Registering your computer is another layer of security to ensure your Online Banking or Mobile Banking account cannot be accessed by an unregistered computer - even if your Login ID and Password are accidentally or unintentionally compromised.


How does the Secure Access Code process work?

When you log in from an unrecognized computer or mobile device, we will send you a single-use Secure Access Code. The code will be delivered to you using secure contact information that we have on file for your accounts. You can choose to have your Secure Access Code delivered via text message, phone call or e-mail, depending on what contact information we have on file for you. Once you receive the temporary Secure Access Code from myMcCoy, enter it in the space provided within login.


When you use a private device that you will frequently use to access Online Banking or Mobile Banking, you can "register the device", which will allow us to recognize the device and browser you're using. Once you have registered your device, you will not be prompted for a Secure Access Code with future logins. However, if the computer you use is public or one which you do not regularly use, we recommend for your security that you "do not register" the device.


I How do I update my Quicken or QuickBooks with the new myMcCoy information?

Click on your platform/product below for conversion information and instructions:


System Requirements

Why does the new system have browser requirements?

Internet browsers--the software application that lets you surf the Web--play a role in protecting your online data. The most common browsers are Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.


As online fraud and theft evolves, browsers become more secure with each new version. That's why companies that provide Web browsers continually release patches to stay one step ahead of fraudsters. It's vital that you routinely apply the upgrades to stay protected on your smartphone, tablet and computer.


Always using a current Web browser is vital to keeping the information you share and the sites you visit secure. This includes the financial information you view and exchange while using Online Banking. Knowing you're using the most current version is one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind.


What are the current browser requirements?

PC Browser Requirements:

  • Google Chrome 37 or later
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 33 or later

Mac Browser Requirements:

  • Google Chrome 37 or later
  • Safari 9 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 33 or later

How do I know which browser version I'm using?

Google Chrome

1. Open Chrome.

2. In the top-right corner click on the Menu Button. (It looks like 3 vertical dots.)

3.Select Help> About Google Chrome.

4.Your version will be displayed on this page.

Microsoft Edge

1. Open Edge.

2. Click on More in the top right corner.

3. Select Settings.

4. Your version will be displayed on this page under About this App

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Click on the Tools icon in the top right corner. (It looks like a gear cog).

3. Select About Internet Explorer.

4. Your version will be displayed on this page.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open Firefox.

2. From the menu bar, click Help and then select About Mozilla Firefox.

3. Your version will be displayed on this page.


1. Open Safari.

2. Click "Display a menu of general Safari settings" (the gear cog icon) and then select About Safari.

3. Your version will be displayed on this page.


Browser Troubleshooting Procedures


How to delete Cookies (selectively) from all major browsers:


Microsoft Edge


Microsoft Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox




What are the mobile device operating system requirements for the myMcCoy Mobile App?

  • Android 4.2.X and later
  • Apple iOS 10.X and later

For optimal viewing, make sure your Display Settings on your mobile device are set to the default/standard setting.