Value Statements

Vision, Mission & Core Values

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Vision Statement

We pledge to provide financial services beyond your expectations.


Mission Statement

We pledge to provide a wide range of affordable financial products with exceptional member service.


Core Values

Culture of Help

From the very beginning, the purpose of the Credit Union has been “People Helping People.” We care about the well being of the individuals we serve and the communities in which they live. This care and concern is primary to all decision making.



Our transactions with members, vendors and each other are conducted with the highest level of integrity. The net result is an organization built on trust and a reputation for honesty.



We have helped members for over fifty years. We have weathered challenging times with our members and will continue to be a vibrant source of financial services into the future.



We pursue excellence in everything we do. Drawing on the professional skills of our staff we continuously improve our services driven by member needs. We also seek assistance from strategic partners whose expertise improves our competencies.