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A Call for Credit Union Volunteers

We are looking for dedicated Volunteers from within our membership to help serve in a variety of volunteer capacities.

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, McCoy Federal Credit Union relies on member Volunteers drawn from the communities we serve to provide direction and oversight.

Volunteers bring their backgrounds and experience to committee positions involved with the operations, lending, finance and audit functions of the credit union. Volunteers may also fill positions on the Board of Directors through election by the membership.

McCoy Federal is currently developing a pool of potential Volunteers that have the requisite skills and desire to serve the membership. Volunteering involves a commitment of time and effort that includes attending monthly committee meetings, McCoy Federal’s annual meeting, and participating in educational conferences and strategic planning sessions. A Volunteer must be a member of McCoy Federal Credit Union in good standing for a minimum of six months. Background and credit checks are also conducted as part of the evaluation process.

Volunteering brings the reward of contributing to the financial well-being of our members and the local community. Current Volunteers include working professionals, small business owners, and active retirees who share a commitment to the credit union movement and to McCoy Federal Credit Union.

If you are a McCoy Federal Credit Union member in good standing and are interested in learning more about becoming a Volunteer, please send your contact information along with a resume and the Volunteer Application to:

Board of Directors

McCoy Federal Credit Union
Ref: Volunteer Interest

P.O. Box 593806 Orlando, FL 32859-3806

To download the MFCU Volunteer Application, click here.