VISA Credit Cards

McCoy Federal Credit Union offers a range of credit card products at competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options - making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs.

Visa Signature

Visa Signature Cash Back Card
This card offers competitive rates, expanded purchasing power, the richest rewards, exclusive Visa Signature privileges and elite Visa Concierge Service, all with no annual fee.*

Product Features
No annual fee*
Earn rewards faster with 1.25 points for every dollar spent
Earn 10,000 Bonus Points on first use of card
CASH BACK or redeem CURewards points for travel, gift cards and merchandise!
Exclusive Visa Signature privileges and Visa Concierge Service 24/7
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VISA Platinum Rewards Visa Platinum Rewards Card
This card is all about the benefits. Rack up points and enjoy competitive interest rates, without an annual fee. Redeem your points for valuable rewards, including gift cards, merchandise or travel.

Product Features
No annual fee*
Earn 1 point for every dollar spent
Earn 5000 Bonus Points on first use of card
Choose Your Own Rewards - redeem CURewards points for travel, gift certificates, and merchandise rewards
Visa Platinum privileges

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CU Rewards

CURewards points can be redeemed for great merchandise, travel and merchant gift cards. To learn more about the CURewards program, visit

Video VISA Paltinum Rewards Card

VISA Platinum Visa Platinum Low Rate Card
Don’t care about rewards? Want the lowest rate? Then our Visa Platinum card is for you.

Product Features
No annual fee*
Low rates and generous credit lines
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Video Visa Platinum Low Rate Card

All cards include these great benefits:

No annual fee*

No Balance Transfer Fee*

No penalty rate

Same competitive rate for both Regular Purchases & Cash Advances

Special Promotional offers
No charge to add authorize users

Zero liability for fraud charges

Visa Alerts

Design your own card

Verified by Visa

Verify by VISA

* Disclaimer: Application Fee: None - Cash Advance: 3% of the amount of each cash advance with a minimum of  $10.00 - Foreign Transaction: 1.5% of each transaction in U.S. dollars - Late Payment: Up to  $25.00 if your payment is late 2 days or more - Over-the-Credit Limit: None - Returned Payment: Up to $25.00 if your payment is returned for any reason. APR as of 6/1/14. APR may vary. APR = Annual Percentage Rate

Additional Credit Card Services

Design Your Own Credit Card
Design Your Own Card
McCoy Federal Credit Union has a new and exciting Credit Card feature. You now have the ability to Design You Own McCoy Federal Credit Union Credit Card and personalize it with a custom image of your choice.
Visa Alerts

Stay better connected to your money with Visa Alerts. This free service, powered by Visa, helps Visa cardholders to better manage and track their spending while providing detection of potential fraud activity. Alerts are delivered via e-mail, text message, or both, within seconds of monitored transaction.

Get alerts for:
Transaction Declined
Any out of Country transaction
Any card not present transaction
Any gas station transaction
Any transaction exceeding a specified amount

To sign up, Login to your MyMcCoy account ( If you are not enrolled in MyMcCoy, you can enroll for FREE at the login screen:
1. Select the credit card you would like Visa Alerts on
From the Credit Card Recent Activity window, click on ONLINE SERVICES
On the Online Services screen, click on Visa Transaction Alerts in My Profile and follow the online instructions to sign up

VISA Discounts
VISA Merchant Discounts
Everyone loves to save money. McCoy Federal has partnered with VISA to bring our members great discounts from quality merchants, and best of all, its FREE.

Be sure to check back often to see new featured companies and discounts. To see our current discounts, click on the link.
Loans & Credit Cards

Featured Rates

APR as low as

New Auto 1.99% Apply
Used Auto 3.00% Apply


15 Year Fixed   Apply
30 Year Fixed   Apply

APY as high as

Savings 0.15%
12 Month Certificate 0.70%
Money Market 0.20%
APY=Annual Percentage Yield
APR=Annual Percentage Rate

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