Youth Accounts

Youth Savings Accounts
McCoy Federal has a savings program specially directed to youth savers ages 5 through 17.

The program has no fees and includes gift incentives as savings goals are reached. There are two groups of savers, age 5 through 10 years and age 11 through 17 years.

The gift incentives are as follows:

Savers 5 - 10

$100 - Frisbee Flyer
$250 - Binoculars
$500 - Backpack
$750 - Watch
$1000 - Sports Bag

Savers 11 - 17

$100 - Beach Chair Cell Holder
$250 - Clock Calculator
$500 - Carabiner Cell Holder
$750 - Portable Speakers
$1000 - 2 GB USB Thumb Drive

Go to any of the McCoy locations and let them know you would like to start a Youth Savings Account. Click here for directions to any of the McCoy offices.


  • Money for savings can come from money you have already saved in a piggy bank or jar
  • Money from special occasions like birthdays
  • Allowance money
  • Money earned from chores or getting good grades
  • Money earned from babysitting or lawn cutting
  • Money from part time or full time jobs

McCoy Federal has accounts to suit everyone's needs. We can set up an account for someone under 5 years of age to convert to a youth account at age 5. At age 18 our youth are invited to participate in McCoy's full range of accounts and financial opportunities.

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