Fee Schedule

Effective: January 1, 2013  
New Account Set-Up Fee $ 10.00
Savings Account Monthly Service Charge
Affects members age 18 or older whose total funds on deposit (cumulative) on the last day of the month are under $50.00 and have no loan (Credit Cards excluded).
$ 5.00
Fresh Start Checking Account Monthly Service Charge
$ 10.00
Classic Checking Account Monthly Service Charge
Not charged if account has an average daily balance of at least $500 or a loan (Credit Cards excluded). Not charged on Youth or GEC accounts.
$ 5.00
E-Checking Account Monthly Service Charge $ 0.00
Overdraft Privilege (item paid) This fee will be imposed for overdrafts created by checks, ACH debits, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases and in person withdrawals. Overdrafts must be paid within 30 days. Opt in required for ODP on ATM withdrawals and debit card purchases. $ 25.00
ACH Credit Manual Post (each) $ 10.00
ATMs withdrawals at ATMs other than McCoy, CU Here & Publix (each) $ 2.00
Bad Address (fee charged monthly on savings acct) $ 5.00
Bad Email Address (applies to E-Checking acct only) $ 5.00
Paper Notices Mailed (applies to E-Checking acct only) $ 5.00
Paper Statements Mailed (applies to MyMcCoy/E-Checking acct only) $ 5.00
Coin Processing (fee waived for Youth Accounts) 3%
Returned Item (drawn on a 3rd party’s account) $ 15.00
Returned Item (drawn on member’s account at another financial institution) $ 30.00
Dormant Account (fee charged to savings monthly if no activity for 1 year) $ 5.00
Early Account Closure (charged if account is closed within 90 days of opening) $ 10.00
Foreign Check Collection (each) $ 35.00
IRA Transfers to another institution (each) $ 30.00
MyMcCoy & Bill Payer FREE
Bill Payer - Popmoney (person to person) $ 0.50
Bill Payer - Account to Account (outgoing) $ 2.00
Bill Payer - Account to Account (incoming) FREE
Bill Payer - Overnight Checks (physical check guaranteed delivery) $ 14.95
Bill Payer - Same Day Bill Pay (ACH) $ 9.95
Money Orders (each) $ 1.00
Exchange a Member’s Check for a Cashier’s Check at Request of Payee $ 10.00
Items Returned for Non-Sufficient or Uncollected Funds (each) $ 30.00
Official Checks (each) $ 1.00
Overdraft Protection - Automatic transfer from savings or line of credit (each) $ 5.00
Vehicle Paper Title Rush $ 25.00
Request to Mail Official Check (each) $ 2.00
Research Check Book Balancing (per hour, 1 hour minimum) $ 10.00
Statement Copies, Check Copies, Account History Printout (each) $ 2.00
Stop Payment (FREE if placed via MyMcCoy or Toni the Teller) $ 25.00
Stop Payment Removal $ 10.00
Verification of Account Letter or Verification of Deposit Form $ 10.00
Western Union (USA Only) $ 20.00
Wire Transfer Outgoing (USA Only) $ 20.00
Wire Transfer Incoming $ 10.00
Collection Agency Reporting $ 20.00
Replace Credit Card or Debit Card $ 5.00
Rush Order on Replacement Credit Card or Debit Card $ 25.00

Credit Card Late Payment Fee
Maximum of $25 but not more than the minimum monthly payment

Up to $25

Returned Check on Credit Card Payment
Maximum of $25 but not more than the minimum monthly payment

Up to $25
Copy of Credit Card Statement, Sales Slip or Other Item (each) $ 3.00
Credit Card Cash Advance (minimum of $10) 3%
Mortgage Lein Satisfaction $ 25.00
Mortgage Application (charged only if approved) $ 30.00
Skip-a-Pay (Offered TWICE a Year) $ 25.00
Late Payment on Loan
(minimum of $15 - maximum $25)
20% of
interest due
Loan Extension
(Effective February 1, 2011)
$ 25.00
Subordination $ 100.00
Electronic Payment Fee
(Make loan payment from another finanical institution, or by credit/debit card, each payment)
$ 7.99
Safe Deposit Box Key Deposit $ 10.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling Fee $ 175.00
3" X 5" - Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee $ 36.00
3" X 10" - Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee $ 48.00
5" X 10" - Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee $ 60.00
10" X 10" - Safe Deposit Box Annual Rental Fee $ 96.00
A minimum balance of $5.00 is required at all times in the primary savings (share) account. The first $5.00 in shares cannot be used for overdraft protection or automatic loan payment transfers or ATM withdrawals.
The charge for your initial order of checks and all subsequent reorders will be deducted automatically from the checking (share draft) account. The deduction will appear on your monthly statement.
Funds deposited into an ATM will be placed on hold for two (2) days. The following amounts will be made available to you immediately:
• $500 for consumer & business accounts
• $100 for Fresh Start Checking accounts
Withdrawals from a McCoy ATM using a card issued by another financial institution will be subject to a $2.00 surcharge in addition to any fees charged by the financial institution who issued the card.

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